Da'ai Chikiza

"Tree of the Singing Winds" Abandoned Sithi city on the Aelfwent River on the east side of Wealdhelm. in Aldheorte. Site of the ambush of Simon, Binabik, and Miriamele by Ingen Jegger and Baron Heahferth, and the death of the latter.

"As they rounded a bend it was before them: a forest of impossibly graceful towers, set like a jeweled puzzle within the larger forest of trees. The Sithi city, flanking the river on either side, seemed to grow out of the very soil. It seemed the forest's own dream realized in subtle stone, a hundred shades of green and white and pale summer-sky blue. It was an immense thicket of needle-thin stone, of gossamer walkways like bridges of spiderweb, of filigreed tower tops and minarets reaching up into the high treetops to catch sun on their faces like icy flowers." TDC p. 436

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