White ice dragon of Urmsheim, daughter of Hidohebhi and sister of Shurakai. Injured and possibly killed by Simon wielding Thorn.

Igjaruk is described as a white scaled dragon with piercing blue eyes. It's back and legs are covered with a yellowed, aged fur while the rest of the body is coated with white scales. It's head is as long as a man is tall and has a whip-like tail. Its throat and tongue are black, along with its blood. It is unknown if the dragon has wings.

"A snakelike head as long as a man thrust out of the new-formed crevice, white scaled above a toothy mouth, the staring blue eyes and occluded. It waved sinuously from side to side on its long neck, as if curiously observing the creatures who had awakened it from its years-long slumber. Then, terrifyingly swift, it darted out and caught one of the huntsmen in its jaws, biting him in half and swallowing his legs." TDC p. 736

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