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Jiriki i-Sa'onserei Sitha

Prince of Jao é-Tinukai'i . Son of Shima'onari and Likimeya. Brother of Aditu. Khendraja’aro nephew; Ineluki's great-nephew. Simon's friend.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Physical Description[edit | edit source]

Sithi are described as being catlike and moving fluidly and inhumanly. Jiriki, like other Sithi, has golden-brown skin. His eyes are amber-flecked and he has lavender-blue hair. He has a witchwood sword called Indreju.

The Dragonbone Chair[edit | edit source]

In Chapter 16, The White Arrow, Simon  encounters a Sitha caught in a trap. The cotsman who set the trap returns and, upon spotting Jiriki, gives him brutal axe wounds out of superstition. Simon, who is enthralled by Jiriki's otherworldliness, eventually enters the fight by picking up a rock and bashing the cotsman's head, killing him. He then sets Jiriki free. After the Sitha leaves the area, he shoots a white arrow into a tree next to Simon. Binabik, who is introduced in the next chapter, explains to Simon the significance of the White Arrow as a Sithi symbol used to express owing one's life.

Jiriki does not appear again until Chapter 37, Jiriki's Hunt. Simon and his travelling companions are found by some of Jiriki's hunting companions after being attacked by Ingen Jegger. Jiriki recognizes Simon as the bearer of the White Arrow (or Staja Ame), and they are introduced. Jiriki calls Simon "Seoman," as that is the name he was given at birth. After learning of Simon's quest for the lost sword Thorn, Jiriki decides that he will accompany Simon, because his "'destiny...[is] bound with this manchild'" (p. 660), due to the Staja Ame.

During their journey to Urmsheim, Jiriki shows Simon a picture of Enki-e-Shao'saye, "'the last and greatest city of the Summer,'" (p. 723) in a magic mirror.

When the group is attacked on Urmsheim by Ingen Jegger's hunt, Jiriki participates in the fight, shooting some of their adversaries with his bow.

After An'nai is killed fighting Igjarjuk, Jiriki joins the attack, calling, "'Come to me and taste Indreju, you bastard child of Hidohebhi !'" (p. 737).Simon saves Jiriki's life again by taking on Igjarjuk with Thorn.​ Later, Jiriki wakes Simon and begins calling him "Seoman Snowlock," after the bit of his hair that turned white after the battle with the dragon. He tells Simon that, "'for better or worse, [he has] been marked.'" (p. 766).

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