"It beats like a heart- the heart of all sorrow . . ."

— Simon, The Dragonbone Chair

Sorrow, or more correctly called Jingizu, is one of the three great swords - an unholy unity of witchwood and black iron.

Creation[edit | edit source]

According to Jarnauga it was created around five hundred years ago. With the coming of the Rimmersmen to Asu'a led by King Fingil, Ineluki, already weighed down by the fate of his older brother Hakatri, sunk into eventual madness. Convinced that it was what was necessary to save the Sithi, he went into the Witchwood Gardens of Asu'a and one by one poisoned them with iron. In the end only one tree survived and Ineluki began his task. Weaving it round with spells and charms he made the tree grow strong again until it lived off the iron it was given. When the gardens caretakers saw what Ineluki had done they ran to King Iyu'unigato warning him of what his son was doing. Deep in depression and seeing witchwood as a useless commodity Iyu'unigato decided to do nothing to stop his son. As the tree continued to grow so did Ineluki's madness leading him further and further from his brethren. After much time had passed Ineluki took the tree and using the Hammer that Shapes and the Words of Making forged Sorrow. He then met with his father who after seeing the sword and realizing his folly in allowing it to be created demanded the blade be destroyed. Iyu'unigato tried to reson with the maddended Ineluki telling him that some things shouldn't be made no matter the circumstances. Enraged by the suggestion Ineluki murdered his father taking the position of king from him and named the blade Jingizu which is Sorrow in the Sithi-tongue. Horrified by what he had done all but the Red Hand abandoned Ineluki and led by his mother, Amerasu, and nephew, Shima'onari, fled Asu'a. As a result Ineluki was overcome and struck down and Sorrow disappeared for the next five hundred years.

During the course of the trilogy[edit | edit source]

Jingizu reappeared near the beginning of the Dragonbone Chair, on Stoning Night. It was given to King Elias by the Norns in a deal set up by his priest Pryrates. This ceremony, witnessed by Simon on the Thisterborg, resulted in the death of Count Breyugar. Elias, already weighed down by the death of Hylissa, his wife, and egged on by Pryrates wielded the sword until the ritual to resurrect Ineluki. In the end after Simon interrupted the ritual it was destroyed, likely for good.

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