Utuk'ku Seyt-Hamakha Norn

Norn Queen, mistress of Nakkiga, wife of the late Ekimeniso Blackstaff, mother of Drukhi. After her son threw his life away when mortals killed his wife, Nenais'u, Utuk'ku grew embittered and wished to cleanse Osten Ard from the sudhoda'ya, which led to the schism between the Norns and the Sithi.

The only living creature who was born in the Garden, before the Sithi came Osten Ard in their ships, she is the oldest of their race.

"Facing the well, in an angular seat of rime-crusted black rock, a figure sat. He could see it clearly, as though suddenly he hovered directly over the terrible blue-burning well. It was cloaked in a white and silver robe of fantastic intricacy. Snowy hair streamed down over its shoulders blending almost invisibly with the immaculate white garments.

The pale form lifted its head, and the face was a mass of shinning light. A moment later, as it turned away again, he could see that it was only a beautiful, expressionless sculpture of a woman's face . . . a silver mask." TDC, p. 405

Utuk'ku always wore a silver mask to cover her face out of sheer vanity.

"Blue light bathed the silver mask, touching its contours with pale fire. The face beneath had once been the model for its sculpted, inhuman beauty, but what the mask now covered no living creature could say. The world had made uncountable revolutions since the face of Utuk'ku had disappeared forever behind its gleaming lines." TDC p.731