Valada Geloë Tinukeda'ya

Valada. Geloë is a woman of the forest, often described as a witch. She lives in a lonely house on a lake deep in Aldheorte Forest, far from civilization. There she communes with nature and walks the dream-road. She often communes with the League of the Scroll but refuses to join because of all it's formalities and her own undisclosed personal reasons.

As Geloë prepared to shape-shift to return to the forest to die, Aditu said, "Farewell, Ruyan's Own." TGAT2, ch. 1, p. 43.

Although Geloë never says much about her past a popular theory is that she is closely related to Ruyan Vé, navigator and patriarch of the Tinukeda'ya. The first and better grounded part of the theory is that Geloë is a Tinukeda'ya. The first and most important clue is Geloë's age. Although Geloë never gives us an age or even range it is made quite clear that she is very old. There are numerous examples both clear and unclear throughout the books such as when Aditu refers to her as an old soul rather than a brave one. She also has the respect of many of the Sithi with Aditu showing genuine sorrow over her death and she was close to Amerasu the Ship Born although the two never met face to face. She also has an intimate knowledge of many events pertaining to the Sithi and the Norns. So while we don't have a number we do know that Geloë is very old, likely well over 500 which was when Asu'a fell to the Rimmersmen led by Fingil. As a result of her age it is likely that she one of the Gardenborn as they are the only ones known to reach such ages. Another point although this is far from definitive is her knowledge of the Art. This leaves three possibilities, the Sithi, Norns and Tinukeda'ya. The most likely suspect is the Tinukeda'ya because she has a decidely human appearence compared to the Norns and Sithi. One of the major traits of the Tinukeda'ya is their adaptability as evidenced by the existence of the dwarrows. This would explain how Geloë does so well in the forest despite everyone else struggling. As for her relation to Ruyan Vé the only evidence is Aditu's above quote but she is likely a daughter or a decendent as a wife would have met Amerasu but Geloë says they never met face-to-face.

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